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As a police community support officer you can now earn anything up to £25,000 once you have completed your training if you chose to work in the bigger cities such as london - not bad for a job you enjoy.

The working environment of a PCSO is not too bad either as you will work in small teams often within your local area on a shift basis. This means that you may work for 3 days and then have the following 3 days off. This flexibility will allow you much more free time to do the things you want to do, many of which would be unavailable with a 9 to 5 job.

In addition to all this:

  • There are no formal qualifications required for this role and it is not restricted to a specific age group which means it is open to people from all walks of life.

  • The job is also seen as a stepping stone to for those looking to become a police officer further on down the line (with police officers now earning £28,000 while training!)

The job of a police community support officer is also a rewarding career with a high level of job satisfaction and as with any job of this type there comes a recruitment process which is often difficult to pass.

When you are applying for the career of a PCSO, it is of vital importance that you prepare yourself fully. What this means  is that you do everything you can to find out what is required of you. Most people do not read the information required on the application form and therefore do not progress to the next stage.

The problem is that this recent rise in the number of people wanting to become a PCSO has resulted in an overwhelming number of applications.  As a result the recruitment staff have a tougher time being able to separate candidates.

police community support officer police community support officer

How much more confident would you feel if

You turned up to the PCSO recruitment day knowing...

1. What Was Expected Of You,
2. What Was Going To Happen,
3. The Type Of Questions You Will Be Asked,
4. How You Would Be Graded By The Recruitment Staff

Probably at lot more confident than before...

But Why?

Because you would now be fully prepared for what is going to happen and this will put you way ahead of the other candidates...

With this insiders guide will show you everything you need to know to succeed and become a police community support officer.

Why leave anything to chance??

Which Is Where We Can Help...

This 200 page career book goes through every single part of the selection process all the way from completing the application form to the recruitment day and the one on one interview.

This is a unique guide and there is no other guide like this that has this much insider knowledge and guidance. It was created by successful candidates who have successfully passed the recruitment day and recruitment staff themselves and they will show you how to do the same.

This guide is a must have if you want to stand from the other candidates and ensure you are fully prepared for every part of the process.
The guide will save you hours of research and preparation but putting together everything you need all in one place.

Everything You Need To Succeed In 2012

– All In One Place…

'Become A Police Community Support Officer'

The New PCSO 200 page book + 60 minute DVD!

Start A New Career Today...

Here's What You Will Discover Within Your Insider 200 page Career Guide & 60 Minute Interview DVD...

Chapter One: PCSO FAQ's - All Your Questions Answered

This chapter includes 21 pages of the most frequently asked questions that candidates have about becoming a police community support officer. These include questions regarding entry requirements (e.g. can I apply if I have a tattoo on my body?) to the work patterns of a PCSO and even questions on the powers of a PCSO.

Chapter Two: Becoming A Police Community Support Officer 2012

This chapter will show you what is required to become a police community support officer and includes the following topics: the current role within the police, the working hours, the salary, the recruitment procedure ( including the application form and assessment centre) and the different types of tests (including the fitness, endurance and strength test)

Chapter Three: Top 10 Insider Tips and Advice for 2012

Current serving police community support officers provide their top 10 INSIDER tips to help you succeed and achieve your dream job at the first attempt.

Chapter Four: The Importance of Equality and Diversity

Understanding Equality and Diversity is important not only to your success during the recruitment process but also throughout your career as a PCSO. You will need to demonstrate you understand these concepts on your application form and in you one-on-one interview if you want to succeed. This chapter is will help you do just that. It includes information on the Race Relations Act of 2000 and how to match the core competencies of a PCSO.

Chapter Five: Completing A Successful Application Form

This chapter is dedicated to every aspect of the police community support officer application form and how to complete it in the correct manner. The chapter starts off my providing 5 essential application form tips and then moves on to examine the core competencies of a PCSO.

It then looks at other areas such as community and customer focus, effective communication, problem solving and team work.

The final part of this chapter includes 7 PCSO application form questions with successful example responses so that you can use this as a basis for your own answers.

Chapter Six: Passing The PCSO Selection Centre

When your application passes the first assessment, the Police will invite you to their regional Selection Centre to undertake the selection process. This involves a Written Test, Structured Interview and two Interactive Role-Plays.

This chapter takes you step by step through the Selection Centre and shows you exactly what is required from you. It examines the core competencies that are assessed by the recruitment team, the written exercises, role play exercises, preparing your response and matching the criteria. This is an essential chapter for those who want to succeed at the first attempt!

Chapter Seven: Passing The PCSO Interview

Within this chapter you will discover all the information you need to pass the PCSO interview including an introduction to the interview, 10 actual interview questions and loads insider tips to help you prepare your responses.

Knowing the interview questions before you arrive at the assessment centre is every applicants dream because it allows you be prepare everything before hand so you do not come unstuck on the day.




Chapter Eight: Insider Selection Centre Diaries

Chapter 8 is a unique chapter as it is an insider's perspective of everything that happens during assessment centre and it includes some fantastic information to help you succeed. It looks at arriving at the assessment centre, the written assessments (including the written report), the role play exercises and the police community support officer interview. This information was provided  by a recent successful PCSO applicant who attended the selection centre.

How To Get Yourself Police Community Support Officer Fit

Just in a similar way to the role of the Police Officer, fitness plays an important role in the job of the PCSO and you will need to reach a certain level of fitness to succeed. This chapter includes a fitness programme which contains everything you need to know to get yourself PCSO fit.

Useful PCSO Contact Information

Plus Your 60 Minute Interview DVD Includes...

This 60 minute DVD, which is dedicated to just the interview is full of insider tips and covers:

- The core competencies you need to demonstrate,
- The scoring criteria used to grade candidates and how to score highly
- The interview process itself and what to expect
- A mock interview
- Actual interview questions and how to answer them
- Insider Tips and advice on How to stand out from other candidates
- There is NO OTHER PRODUCT like this, it is unique!

We will make sure you are fully prepared!


The New PCSO 200 page book + 60 minute DVD!

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Here's How To Secure Your Copy and Start Your New Career In 2012...



• Insider Tips from those know what it takes to succeed
• Over 200+ Pages of information
• How to pass the PCSO selection process first time
• Loads of knowledge to prepare you for your career
• Get Yourself PCSO fit with this fitness information guide



How to become a PCSO 200 page book and  Interview DVD

The New PCSO 200 page book + 60 minute DVD!



Why leave anything to chance?


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